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Li Chi and the Serpent: A Chinese Myth (Script-Story)

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In this Chinese myth an 80-foot-long serpent terrorizes the countryside near the Yung Mountains until it makes its wishes known:  It demands the yearly sacrifice of a young girl in order to leave the people in peace. Nine years pass, and nine girls pay with their lives until one girl, Li Chi, is brave enough to face the serpent in battle. With her father's sword in hand and her faithful dog by her side, Li Chi dares to do the impossible.  

This 14-page download features: a 12-page Reader's Theater script-story with reading parts for 11 readers + 2-page teacher guide complete with:

  • Story summary
  • Background information
  • Essential questions
  • "Creature Feature": All about giant serpents in Chinese mythology
  • Discussion questions
  • Teachable terms
  • Recall questions

This myth teaches the following character concepts:

  • The opposition of evil
  • Standing up for what is right


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