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Grandfather Chenoo: An American Indian Myth (Script-Story)

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Something inhuman stalks the frozen woods of the north--a creature whose emaciated body craves your flesh and whose razor-sharp claws will rip it from your bones. This is the Chenoo, and all who know him, fear him--except one:  a brave woman named Nesoowa. But how will she best the beast when so many have failed and paid with their lives?

This monster tale derives from the Wabanaki people of the Northeast United States and southeast Canada. Similar to the Wendigo of other tribal myths, the Chenoo is a former human, who dared to feed on the flesh of his fellow man. This unnatural act imbues the creature with superhuman strength and magical powers. But the question remains:  Can the process be undone?

This 13-page download includes the following:

  • 11-page script-story dramatizing the original myth
  • 2-page teacher guide
  • Anticipatory questions
  • Post-reading questions
  • "Teachable Terms" featuring common terms to teach using the script-story
  • "Creature Feature" section about the Chenoo
  • Relevant background material
  • Story summary
  • Recall questions



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