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Anansi and the Sky God's Stories: An African Folktale (Script-Story)

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Anansi, the world's original spider man, is one of folklore's greatest tricksters! Originating with the Ashanti people of Ghana, Africa, this story tells of one of Anansi's greatest feats: winning stories from Nyame the Sky God. He does so by defeating four fearsome creatures: Mmboro the hornet swarm, Osebo the leopard, Onini the python, and Mmoatia the fairy. With the help of his cunning wife, Aso, Anansi uses his spider skills to win the Sky God's stories for the humans of earth!

This 12-page document features a 10-page Reader's Theater script-story with reading parts for 10 students and features a 2-page teacher guide complete with:

  • Story summary
  • Background information
  • Name pronunciation guide
  • Essential questions
  • "Creature Feature": All About Anansi
  • Discussion questions
  • Teachable terms
  • Recall questions

This folktale teaches:

  • Resourcefulness
  • The value of teamwork
  • The perils of selfishness

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