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Slavery and Freedom Script-Story Collection
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Slavery and Freedom Script-Story Collection

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All students should study the institution of American slavery. Learning the ugly truth about slavery, its methods, its victims, and its perpetrators will prevent its resurgence in the future. As one of our finest Americans, Frederick Douglass proved in his life story, education is the enemy of slavery. 

Two of the script-stories in this collection dramatize selections from Frederick Douglass's autobiography Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave. A third script-story intertwines authentic experiences on a slave plantation with African-American folktales:  "The People Could Fly" and "Tales of Brer Rabbit."  To read a preview of "Life of an American Slave," click here.

This 37-page digital download contains three script-stories:

  • "The People Could Fly"
  • "Life of an American Slave"
  • "The Battle with Mr. Covey"

Teacher Materials:  Each script-story comes with a 2-page teacher guide with teachable terms, anticipatory questions, background information, plot summary, discussion questions, and recall questions.

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Poster:  Buy a copy of the Frederick Douglass poster to the left!

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